Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Claire Lomas, Paralyzed from an Accident, Completes London Marathon

Claire Lomas was paralyzed from the waist down in a horse riding accident in 2007. She has been unable to walk for the past five years. Yet she entered the London Marathon with the hopes of completing the 26.2 mile race while walking in a $75,000 bionic suit. The suit has motion sensors which detect when she is losing her balance and help her to correct her balance.

The London Marathon started 16 days ago. Each day, Claire Lomas would walk between 1-2.5 miles then she would start the next day at the exact same spot which she ended the day before. She raised well over $100,000 for spinal cord injury research by completing the London Marathon. Because she was unable to finish the London Marathon in one day she was not awarded a medal for completing the race. When word got out that she did not receive a medal, several runners gave her their own medals and she was awarded a trophy from Virgin, one of the race's sponsors.

In addition to completing the London Marathon, Claire Lomas was married and gave birth to a child after her accident. Claire Lomas is a great example of perseverance and the amazing results that one can achieve by keeping a positive attitude and focusing on new goals following an injury.

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