Monday, May 21, 2012

Brain Injury Survivor and Author Graduates From College

Eileen Rudnick sustained a traumatic brain injury as the result of a severe car accident in the fall of 2000. Subsequently, Eileen has continued therapy since the date of the accident and has achieved an incredible amount post-injury, even referring to her crash as "my rebirth".
She recently authored a book entitled "The Glass Between Us" which chronicles her journey from the night of her accident to the present. She also graduated with a 4.0 from Carroll Community College with her associate's degree and she will be attending Hood College on a full scholarship this fall. Finally, she founded a brain injury support group to help others who have sustained traumatic brain injuries.

While it seemed her life was going to end at the time of her horrific crash, it turned out to merely create a new chapter in her life which led to the making of an entire book, "The Glass Between Us".

To learn more about Eileen Rudnick's story, check out the following link...

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