Friday, April 6, 2012

High School Students in Georgia Learn About Disabilities by Playing Wheelchair Basketball

Recently, two clubs at a high school in Gainesville, Georgia put on a wheelchair basketball exhibition amongst able-bodied students in order to raise awareness of disabilities. The students found the sport to be far more difficult than it looks, requiring more hand-eye coordination than many expected, due to having to move the chair and still play basketball. The students were able to use wheelchairs donated by Blaze Sports, a non profit organization that promotes sports for people with disabilities.
Having played basketball and wheelchair basketball, I can honestly say that the sports are similar with several key differences. Because of the use of the wheelchair, wheelchair basketball is an incredible shoulder workout for the able-bodied participant, unlike basketball. It is also significantly more difficult to get past defenders and make the ball go through the net. Able-bodied individuals with an interest in disabilities should get out and play wheelchair basketball if they can, because they will be amazed at it's difficulty and gain a better sense for the athletes that play wheelchair basketball.

To learn more about the game in Gainesville, Georgia, check out the following link:

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  1. reminds me of time with your dad - he loved the game! Thank you for the memory!