Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Brain Injury Survivor to Raise Awareness by Running Across Canada

Troy Adams, 24-year-old brain injury survivor, will be running across Canada in order to raise awareness about brain injuries. As he makes stops in different towns across Canada, he will tell his story about how a brain injury from an auto accident at age 16 changed his life. He has established Troy's Run Foundation in order to provide financial support to brain injury associations in Canada.
Growing up in Watford, Ontario, Mr. Adams did not have access to brain injury organizations to help him navigate his new world post-injury. Thus, he hopes to be a peer mentor in order to help Canadians who sustain traumatic brain injuries.

His run began on April 1st in Ontario and he hopes to be running in Victoria, British Columbia by December. Mr. Adams is a great example of someone who has chosen to make something positive out of his traumatic brain injury in order to help others who experience a traumatic brain injury in the future.

To learn more about his journey, check out the following link: http://www.gulfnews.ca/News/2012-04-02/article-2944915/Brain-injury-survivor-will-raise-awareness-through-cross-country-run/1.

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