Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brain Injury Association of Florida Keeps Its Funding

Recently, asked its readers to contact politicians in Tallahassee, Florida to inform them to keep funding for the Brain Injury Association of Florida, as its funding was on the chopping block this year. Luckily, with a substantial amount of grassroots emails and letters to Florida Governor Rick Scott and other politicians, BIAF was able to keep its funding this year to help provide resources to individuals with brain injuries all over Florida in the upcoming year.
A message from the Brain Injury Association of Florida...

BIAF was informed that funding for our organization was not vetoed! This is incredible news for survivors and families of traumatic brain injury and BIAF. This funding will help BIAF keep its doors open and continue to deliver our Traumatic Brain Injury and Support Center and critical Resource Coordination services for Floridians with traumatic brain injury and their families.

Together, we mobilized a very powerful grassroots messaging campaign to the Governor's office (over 500 individuals in 72 hours!).  Your voices were heard and touched the Governor's office staff deeply.

Seeing emails from all over the state was a revelation. Nothing could have as effectively opened eyes as reading email after email saying, "I am the mother of a survivor, I am the father, a friend, a brother, a sister, a grandmother, a caregiver, a therapist, a Doctor. . . I am a survivor."  Together, all of you made a real difference!  

Reading the emails you sent was such a powerful experience that we've compiled as many as we could on and it is definitely worth a look!

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