Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Blind Judo Competitor: Early 2020 Paralympic Hopeful

12-year-old judo competitor Justin Wack has been blind since birth, but that has not stopped him from competing at a high level in judo as he recently competed in the international judo championships with other children his age. The only adaptive rule change that he receives is that both he and his opponent are required to keep contact at all times while other judo matches typically start with the opponents separated from one another.

Justin hopes to make the 2020 Paralympic Games in judo. He has already won several silver and bronze medals at various judo competitions. He feels as though his blindness is an advantage because he does not look down at the opponent's feet as many fighters tend to do. Justin has also sung the Canadian National Anthem several times before National Hockey League games. To learn more about Justin Wack, check out the following link:

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