Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Device for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

For several hundred years, the wheelchair has been used by individuals with spinal cord injuries. Wheelchairs have been improved over the years, and different variations of wheelchairs are now commonly used. Modern day wheelchairs can even be standard manual chairs, sleek sport-specific manual chairs, power chairs, or essentially whatever the user requires.

However, improvements in wheelchairs have failed to fix problems with pressure sores, transferring and stress placed on the user's shoulders. The traditional wheelchair often leads to slumped over posture and eventual shoulder surgery for the user. Wheelchairs have also never been designed to allow the user to reach objects in high places in their home or to allow the user to be in a locked, standing position to help alleviate circulation problems, including pressure sores, which can lead to infections in certain cases. Wheelchairs have also never been designed to be as narrow as a standing human being, requiring wheelchair users to often have trouble navigating short aisles at stores and sometimes requiring wheelchair users to widen doors in their homes.

A new device has been created by scientists in Turkey which may one day change how people with spinal cord injuries get around. It is called the Tek Robotic Mobilization Device (RMD), and it is a polar opposite of the traditional wheelchair. The device is still very new and expensive, but it is an interesting invention which has many potential benefits to individuals with spinal cord injuries. This device could potentially fix many of the problems traditional wheelchair users deal with on a daily basis, several of which are listed above. To learn more about the device and see it in action, check out this video:

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