Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Five Year Old with Cerebral Palsy Banned from Using Walker at School

Kingwood, Texas- Lakey Roberts, a five year old girl with cerebral palsy, was recently banned from bringing her walker to school. She cannot walk without the assistance of the walker. She recently fell while using her walker and the school deemed the walker to be unsafe to have at school. She had been using her walker school for almost two years. Her mother, Kristi, filmed Kings Manor Elementary School's director of special education, Gary Lemley, explaining to her why her daughter can no longer bring her walker to school.

Kristi Roberts is now threatening to sue New Caney Independent School District for violating her daughter's rights. The mistreatment of Lakey Roberts has garnered significant attention among disability advocates in Texas, and will hopefully receive national attention shortly. Disability Insight urges its readers to contact New Caney Independent School District and ask that Lakey Roberts be allowed to attend school with her walker again.

To learn more about the situation in video format, check out the news clip and article from Houston below...


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