Monday, March 26, 2012

Brain Injury Awareness Month: Alabama Head Injury Foundation

Different organizations across the country have worked to increase awareness about traumatic brain injuries throughout the month of March, Brain Injury Awareness Month. Recently, the Alabama Head Injury Foundation had a Mobile Traumatic Brain Injury Citizen Advocacy Training Day in which they taught brain injury survivors and their families how to use their experiences to change public policy.

The Alabama Head Injury Foundation was instrumental in getting Alabama's politicians to pass the "Alabama Sports Concussion Law" to protect student athletes who sustain concussions during sporting events. The organization was started in 1980 by Andy Anderson and Jean Fischer, who each had a child who survived a brain injury, and it became incorporated in 1983. To learn more about the Alabama Head Injury Foundation and its efforts to increase awareness of traumatic brain injuries during Brain Injury Awareness Month, check out the link below...

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